University Advancement

 Regional Alumni Contacts

Regional Alumni Boards (RABs) are one of the many ways that Drake works to meet our alumni where they are today. RABs are made up of alumni that work together to engage other alumni in a community or city through different types of outreach and programming.

Aaron Brunello, BN'02
Chicago Area Contact

Natalie Spears, BN'11
Denver Area Contact

Cait Hicok, AS'10
Denver Area Contact

Annelise Tarnowski, AS'15, JO'15
Central Iowa Contact

Jennifer Bedell, JO'97
Kansas City Contact 

Clayton Kelly, BN'14
Kansas City Contact 


Jill Farmer, JO'91
St. Louis Contact

Michael Riebel, BN'13
Twin Cities Contact

Anna Ebert, JO'07
Phoenix Area Contact

Leah Shimp Vass, AS'99
Washington D.C. Contact


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Interested in becoming more involved with alumni planning in your community?  Contact Amelia Klatt, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, or (515) 271-3378.