Giving Societies

Gifts to The Drake Fund enhance the high quality of the Drake University experience every day, because they support ongoing operating expenses such as financial aid, library acquisitions, faculty salaries, equipment purchases, and much more. These gifts allow the University to reduce its dependence on tuition income and build a stronger financial foundation positioning Drake to act on opportunities, prevail over economic uncertainties, and achieve a future of national prominence.

Annual gifts to Drake allow the University to grow and expand existing programs and provide the dollars necessary to implement new programs and projects that cannot be supported through the University’s general operating budget. Gifts to capital projects support renovations to, and expansion of, the University’s physical plant. Gifts to endowed funds provide for the long-term financial security of Drake through the generation of endowment income to support the University’s operations and financial health in perpetuity. All gifts are based on Drake's fiscal year of July 1-June 30. 


The Old Main Society

Recognizes donors who have made gifts of $1,000 or more to Drake in support of capital or endowed projects. Membership in The Old Main Society confers the same benefits as membership in the President’s Circle and is extended to those generous donors who have designated their support to an area other than the annual fund.

The Bonnie and Lewis McNurlen Consecutive Years of Giving Society

Recognizes committed and loyal alumni who make gifts to Drake in any amount and for any purpose in two or more consecutive years. Once you make a gift in two consecutive years you become a member of the McNurlen Society and remain a member as long as you make a gift in each successive fiscal year to any area of Drake and in any amount.

President’s Circle

By becoming a member of the President's Circle - Drake's leadership-level giving society - you affect every aspect of the University and contribute directly to the experiences and success of each student.

President's Circle membership is open to any individual or corporation who gives a total of $1,000 or more to provide operational support to Drake in any given fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Corporate matching gifts also count toward individual President's Circle membership. The society also has a board that serves as an advisor to the Office of Development. Visit the President's Circle Board webpage to learn more.

President's Circle Membership Levels

1881 Charter Member:


Veritas Society: 


George T. Carpenter Society: 


Daniel Morehouse Club: 


Mary Carpenter Society:


Legacy Partner:




*Associate Member:


*Drake alumni who graduated within the past 10 years can become associate members of the President's Circle with annual gifts to Drake determined by graduation year. Visit the President's Circle webpage to learn more about the giving levels for associate members.

Why Members Give:

Your gift is a testament of your leadership and serves as a visible symbol of your passion for Drake. Not only do President's Circle members leave a tangible legacy through their gifts; they also make a distinct impact on the lives of each and every Drake student.

President's Circle members are invited to join Drake leaders at the annual Francis Marion Drake Society Dinner, where all leadership-level donors are recognized.

Associate Membership

Drake alumni who graduated within the past 10 years can become associate members of the President's Circle with annual gifts to Drake determined by graduation year*

2022 Graduates - $100
2021 Graduates - $200
2020 Graduates - $300
2019 Graduates - $400
2018 Graduates - $500
2017 Graduates - $600
2016 Graduates - $700
2015 Graduates - $800
2014 Graduates - $900

As an associate member, you will enjoy the full recognition and benefits of President's Circle membership.

*For married couples with different graduation years and alumni with multiple Drake degrees, the most recently earned degree counts toward associate membership. Graduate degrees are recognized in the same way as undergraduate degrees. Corporate matching gifts also count toward associate membership.

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