OLLI at Drake Leadership & Governance

The Osher Lifelong Leadership Institute at Drake University (OLLI at Drake) is led by various members of the Drake Campus and community. Current leadership and governance are listed below.

2021-22 OLLI at Drake Council

The OLLI at Drake at Drake Council provides leadership and direction to ensure that the purpose of OLLI at Drake is fulfilled. Council members provide oversight for program creation, financial management, community outreach, membership recruitment and retention, all in compliance with Drake policies and procedures. The 2020-21 OLLI at Drake Council Members are listed below.

  • Ronni Begleiter
  • David Boyd
  • Judy Conlin
  • Don Corrigan
  • Margie Davidson
  • Dennis Davis 
  • Marshall Grabau
  • Dennis Groenenboom
  • Bob Haskins
  • Bob Henderson
  • Rod Henshaw
  • Jan Hetzel
  • Carl Johnson
  • June Johnson
  • Gloria Morris
  • Craig Shives
  • Rod Henshaw
  • Jan Wise
  • Sue Wright
  • John Smith
  • Tracy Beck

Executive Committee

The executive committee is formed and is comprised of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and the chairs of the standing committees. The society manager and the university liaison will serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. The committee shall conduct the business of the society as necessary between meetings of the council.

  • President - Bob Haskins
  • Vice President - David Boyd
  • Secretary - Craig Shives
  • Treasurer - Jan Wise
  • Programming Committee Chair - Carl Johnson
  • Events & Socials Committee Co-Chairs - Jan Hetzel & Bob Henderson
  • Marketing & Membership Committee Chair - June Johnson
  • Nominating Committee Chair - Dennis Davis

Committee Chairs and Members

The chair of each standing committee is charged with carrying out the duties of the committee as defined below.

Events & Socials Committee Co-Chairs - Jan Hetzel & Bob Henderson
The Events & Socials Committee will identify opportunities for on-campus and community activities to present in conjunction with OLLI at Drake classes, and will coordinate with OLLI at Drake staff to implement and oversee activities.

Nominating Committee Chair - Dennis Davis
The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees to fill vacant positions on the council. Committee membership shall consist of the OLLI at Drake Manager, two current Council members and at least two additional society members.

Programming Committee Chair - Carl Johnson
The Programming Committee will identify topics and develop classes to be offered by OLLI at Drake in the Fall and Spring semesters. The committee will work in coordination with OLLI at Drake staff to implement and oversee classes offered.

Marketing & Membership Committee Chair - June Johnson
The Marketing & Membership Committee will devise and implement strategies for membership recruitment and retention. The committee will work in coordination with OLLI at Drake staff to implement and oversee promotional activities.

Committee Members:

Volunteer Engagement Committee

Margie Davidson
Sue Wright
Deb Ohrn
Susan Ladd
Beth Willem

Events and Socials Committee

Jan Hetzel
Bob Henderson
Judy Conlin
Carl Johnson
Sue Jensen
Karen Diltz
Barbra Merrill
Carol Culmer

Nominating Committee

Denny Davis
Bob Haskins
Margie Davidson
Lois Fingerman
Beth Willem
Deb Hansen

Membership and Marketing Committee

June Johnson
Denny Davis
Judy Conlin
Martha James
Jan Wise
Peggy Urtz

Programming Committee

Carl Johnson
Gloria Morris
Bob Haskins
Jan Hetzel
June Johnson
Dennis Davis
Lee Raines
Mary Reavely
Judy Conlin
Ken Popken
Ronni Begleiter
Steve Larson
Paul Morris
Margie Davidson
Bob Henderson
Phil Latessa
Geoffrey Abelson
Karen Diltz
Claudia Frazier
Marshall Grabau
Dennis Groenenboom
Marilyn Kruse
Barbra Merrill
Michelle Morford
Dawn Roberts
Rod Henshaw

OLLI at Drake Bylaws

Ex Officio

The University liaison to the society is the Vice President of University Advancement or his/her designee and serves as ex-officio on the council, functioning as the representative of the University to the society with the responsibilities of providing counsel and direction as necessary to maintain a strong and positive working relationship.

  • Billie Ray
  • John Smith, Vice President for Advancement, Drake University

OLLI at Drake Staff

  • Tracy Beck, Manager
  • Lisa Cooper, Program Coordinator 

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