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Birthday Wishes for Paul Morrison

Paul Morrison has been a powerful presence on Drake’s campus for decades. What began as a student college experience evolved into a lifelong love affair—that continues. His support and inspiration for student-athletes over the years is perhaps best understood in their own words: If you haven’t yet read “Fan of the Century” in the Spring 2017 issue of Blue, you must. 

Mr. Drake will celebrate his 100th birthday on July 25, and all Bulldogs are invited to share best wishes, favorite memories, and good stories. 

If you would like to celebrate with Paul, you can join him at the Shiver's Basketball Practice Facility Courtside Club for his 100th Birthday Bash on Saturday, July 22 from 4–7 PM. Please stop by at any time to enjoy cake and congratulate Paul on this milestone. We will have a card available for guests to sign, but Paul asks that instead of bringing gifts, consider making a donation to the Paul Morrison Excellence Fund.  



Message from Kathryn Gaskell, BN’93
Happy, happy birthday to you Mr. Drake. Wishing you a wonderful year. Thank you for your passion and commitment to Drake. It is greatly appreciated.  –Kathryn Gaskell, BN’93

Message from Haley Morris, Student-Athlete 
Happy 100th Birthday! Thanks for your support of Drake Athletics! We appreciate your commitment to the program and love seeing you on campus and on the sidelines.  –Haley Morris, Student Athlete

Message from Jason Wulfekuhle, BN’03
Happy birthday Paul! I am fortunate to have spent several hours sitting next to you while evaluating the MVC men's basketball officials during the Dr. Tom, Keno and Mark Phelps years. My son Jackson Drake is now 8 years old, and I have told him all about your legacy. You are an inspiration to so many people!  - Jason Wulfekuhle, BN’03

Message from Peggy Behrens Person; BN’76, GR’96
Paul, congratulations! Wow, I remember you back to the days when I was a student and then on staff. You have always been an incredible person and so devoted to Drake. Plus, I loved how you stayed in touch with the athletes through the years. Take care!  -Peggy Behrens Person; BN’76, GR’96

Message from Kathy McElroy, JO’83
Happy Birthday!!!  -Kathy McElroy, JO’83

Message from Dani Edler
Happy Birthday, Paul! Best wishes for the year to come! –Dani Edler, Senior Strategist, Digital Communications

Message from Ashton Hockman
Happy birthday, Paul! Congratulations on this incredible milestone! Go Bulldogs!! –Ashton Hockman, Assistant Director, Campus Relations 

Message from Emma Daily, AS’09
Happy 100th birthday, Mr. Drake! –Emma Daily AS'09, Senior Strategist, Visual Design

Message from Nicki Kimm
Happy Birthday Paul! Hope it's a great day! –Nicki Kimm, Administrative Assistant 

Message from Mark Reiter, JO’15
During my time at Drake, I was the color commentator for the student broadcast of the Drake Relays 3 of my 4 years. During my senior year right before we started our first day of broadcasting we stood to sing the national anthem. You were standing in the press box right next to us, and I can't begin to tell you how impactful it was to be standing next to you in that moment. It was my last Relays as a student broadcaster and it meant so much to be standing next to the person who has been a part of Relays history for so long. Happy birthday and thank you for being an inspiration to students like me for so long! –Mark Reiter, JO’15, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

Message from Heather Hendrix
Happy Birthday Paul! –Heater Hendrix, Administrative Assistant 

Message from Jarad Bernstein
Congratulations on reaching another milestone, Paul. It's been wonderful getting to know you and your enthusiasm for all things Drake! –Jarad Bernstein, Director of Public Relations

Message from Todd Stepsis 
What a blessing you are to this place! It’s an honor to say that I know Paul Morrison! –Todd Stepsis, Assistant Coach, Defensive Coordinator

Message from Chuck and Mary Willers
Happy 100th birthday Paul! On this exact date 20 years ago you joined us at Sheslow Auditorium for the wedding of Bill Willers and Denise Sarver Willers. We fondly remember all the good time we had during football trips back in the day. Good times! –Chuck and Mary Willers, Friends of Drake

Message from Dave Hansen, BN’65, GR’73
Congratulations on this milestone birthday! I have greatly valued our friendship over the last 50+ years. You have been an inspiration to me and many Drake ball players. –Dave Hansen, BN’65, GR’73

Message from Samantha Scheel, PH’16
Happy Birthday Mr. Drake! –Samantha Scheel, PH’16

Message from Audrey Smeester, BN’91
Happy 100th birthday, Mr. Drake! –Audrey Smester, BN’91

Message from Ryan Harris
Paul, it's an honor to work with you. Your love, passion, and commitment to Drake is truly outstanding. Happy birthday! –Ryan Harris, Assistant AD Ticket Operation and Donor Management

Message from Austin Strawhacker, GR’17
Happy Birthday Paul! The amount of heart and soul that you have poured into Drake University is unparalleled. You have made every person’s time with Drake (as a student, athlete or staff member) truly special. Thank you for all of you time, effort and stories over the years. –Austin Strawhacker, GR’17, Director of Bulldog Club

Message from Nicci Hays Fort
Happy 100th Paul! How lucky are we that we get to celebrate with you as you crack the century mark! Thank you for being a big reason that Drake Athletics is so special! –Nicci Hays Fort, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach 2

Message from Ric Silvestrini
Paul, I am not sure I'll be able to make your birthday reception, but I wanted to wish you a very happy 100th! You are an institution here at Drake and it's an honor working alongside you. All the best. Go Bulldogs! –Ric Silvestrini, Friend of Drake

Message from Jennie, Scott, Eli, Jordi and Hope Baranczyk
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!! We hope this is your BEST one yet!! You have been an incredible example to all of us! So privileged to know you. You have touched our hearts and souls and your legacy will not only live on at Drake, but will go on and on in all of us. We thank you for who you are! We love you! And we don't know if anyone could have impacted these last 100 years more than you!! Thank you! And... Happy Birthday!!! –Jennie, Scott, Eli, Jordi and Hope Baranczyk, Head Women’s Basketball Coach and family

Message from Paige Prien, Current Student
Happy birthday! You are the true man of Drake and I always love getting to see your bright smile at sporting events or even just in passing through the hall sometimes. –Paige Prien, Current Student

Message from Rick Fox
Happy Birthday Paul! You have meant so much to Drake football! We are going to go and try to get you another championship this fall! –Rick Fox, Head Football Coach

Message from Niko Medved
Please help me wish true Drake legend Paul Morrison a happy 100th birthday! We appreciate all you do for Drake! —Niko Medved, Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Message from Carolyn Hill, ED’80
Happy 100th birthday, Paul! I'm so blessed to have known you since I was a Drake student-athlete and to have worked with you on staff. We made a pretty darn good proofreading duo over the years! Your dedication and devotion to athletics and the university has inspired me many times over. The historical information from Drake Athletics that you have carefully and lovingly preserved will be enjoyed and revered for years to come (and envied by other universities!). Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Have a fantastic birthday! –Carolyn Hill, ED’80, Assistant Drake Relays Director

Message from John Miller
Mr. Morrison, Happy Birthday to a remarkable man who continues to lead a remarkable life. I appreciated my first D Club and hand written letter from you 35 years ago and still enjoy updated ones today. You are an inspiration to everyone who has touched our University. Thank you for sharing your career with us. –John V Miller, BN’82, President National Alumni Board

Message from Sean Ingrassia
Happy 100th birthday, Paul! –Sean Ingrassia, Creative Services Director

Message from Rachel Allen-McHugh
Happy Birthday! Thank you for your years of dedication. Go Bulldogs! –Rachel Allen-McHugh, Occupational Lab Instructor

Message from Rachael Pruett
Happy birthday, Mr. Drake!! Thank you for your unwavering support of Drake and its athletic department. You've made everyone's experience at Drake better and keep doing so daily. Happy 100th birthday, Paul!! Cheers to year 101! –Rachael Pruett, Head Women’s Golf Coach

Message from Allison Pohlman
Happy Birthday to the biggest ambassador of Drake University. Thank you for the sweet 'hellos' in the hallway and the 'go get ems' as we head to the court. Enjoy your special day!! –Allison Pohlman, Associate Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Message from Shannon Saunders
Paul - You are the gem of this department. It's been an honor to have worked with you the last two years. You've taught me to never underestimate the value of writing a simple note saying 'hi' to someone. Thank you for all you do for Drake and Happy 100th Birthday! –Shannon Saunders, Special Assistant to Athletic Director

Message from Willie Cashmore, ED’07, GR’16
Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!! I am honored and proud to be a fellow Drake Bulldog with you. I'll always strive to match your passion for life and dedication to Drake. Can't wait to celebrate with you. –Willie Cashmore, ED’07, GR’16, Assistant Football Coach

Message from Paige Greiner, Student
Happy Birthday!!! So happy to be able to celebrate you and all you've meant to Drake University!! Here's to 100 years of bleeding blue!! –Paige Greiner, Current Student

Message from Zach Elsbecker
Thank you for all you do and your love for Drake. Happy Birthday! –Zach Elsbecker, Game Operations Manager

Message from Robb Hill, JO’79
Happy 100th Birthday Paul. You are such a special person and such a dear friend. The impact you have had on me, Carolyn and thousands of other athletes cannot be measured. Thank You. It has been my honor to call you a friend and I wish you a Happy 100th Birthday. –Robb Hill, JO’79

Message from Ron Maly
Congratulations on your 100th birthday. Paul. It had been an absolute pleasure to know you and to work with you for the past 58 years. You are among The Most Wonderful People On Earth. You are a true friend. and I wish you the very best at this fantastic time. –Ron Maly, Friend of Drake 

Message from Lindsey Horner, GR’11
Happiest of birthdays, Mr. Drake! –Lindsey Horner GR’11, Head Women’s Soccer Coach

Message from Jackson Dahlquist

Happy 100th, Paul! I am lucky that I get to office next to the legend that is Mr. Drake. Thanks for all you have done for the Drake Bulldogs and Drake University. Hope you have a fantastic birthday! –Jackson Dahlquist, Assistant Director, Athletic Marketing/Development


Message from Tim and Ellen Lowe

Happy Birthday Paul! Celebrate!  –Tim Lowe, Assistant Equipment Manager 1 and Ellen Lowe, Assistant Director Rec Services, Wellness

Message from Lisa Murphy

Happy Birthday Paul! Love seeing your smiling face in the hallway! You are truly a Legend.  –Lisa Murphy, Director of Recreational Services


Message from Beth Wilson

Thanks for being a phenomenal reservoir of Drake stories, Paul. Your Bulldog spirit inspires everyone, as does that blue blazer. Congratulations on this most esteemed milestone. Happy Birthday! –Beth Wilson, Director, Alumni and Donor Communications 


Message from Luke Joy, BN’10

Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for all your support and service to Drake University... Have a fantastic day and enjoy many more years in Drake Blue. Go Bulldogs! –Luke Joy, BN’10


Message from Beth Roy

Happy 100th birthday, Paul!!! Go Bulldogs🎉🎂🎈 –Beth Roy, Friend of Drake


Message from John Perney, JO’94

Very best wishes, Paul, on your upcoming 100th birthday! Back in '91 or '92, Bob Woodward asked me to reach out to you for a class assignment, and I was so pleasantly surprised at how much time you gave me for the interview (it's quite possible I ran out of tape). In ways large and small, you have kept–and continue to keep–so many Drake alums connected to their alma mater. Thank you for that and for your service to the University, and congratulations on your approaching milestone!  -John Perney, JO’94

Message from Andy Spence, BN’99, GR’02

Happy birthday to a Drake legend! I know it sounds ridiculous but I think you might have another 100 years in you!  -Andy Spence, BN’99, GR’02

Message from Joy Giudicessi, FA’72
Happy birthday, friend. I miss seeing you.  -Joy Giudicessi, FA’72

Message from Pamela Burnough

Thank you for giving if yourself with so much love, to others. You will live forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday and Congratulations, and many more to come! –Pamela Burnough, Friend of Drake


Message from Dave Haskin
Happy Birthday Paul! You are an inspiration to all of us. –Dave Haskin, Associate Athletic Director, External Affairs


Message from Aimee Schmidt
Happy 100th Birthday Paul! It's been great getting to know you the past few years.  -Aimee Schmidt, Director of Marketing and Promotions


Message from Tom Florian, BN’14, GR’17
You truly are an inspiration, Paul. You have touched the lives of so many and embody the true spirit of a Drake Bulldog. Wishing you the very best as we celebrate your centennial. Drake University is a better place because of you! Happy Birthday, Mr. Drake!  -Tom Florian, BN’14, GR’17, Assistant Director, Ticket Operations and Donor Management

Message from Kyla Inderski, Student 

Happy 100th birthday Paul! Congratulations on such an incredible milestone- we are so lucky to have you as part of our school and athletic programs!  -Kyla Inderski, Current Student

Message from Martha Capps, JO’78

Paul, you are an inspiration. I feel privileged to know you through your daughter, Holly. We are Kappa sorority sisters. Holly is so smart and caring. Traits I'm sure, at least in part, came from you. You have much to be proud of and to live for. Happy 100, stay well and stay strong!  -Martha Capps, JO’78

Message from Kelsey Wright, Student

You have been an inspiration to many, myself included. When I think of Paul Morrison or even try to describe you to friends and family, all I think of "he is the perfect example of the Bulldog way. He lives every day with passion and kindness."  -Kelsey Wright, Current Student

Message from Tasha Alexander, Student
Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for always supporting the Drake community. We all appreciate you more than you know! You're the best Paul 💜   -Tasha Alexander, Current Student

Message from Jonathan (Cole) Friedman, Student

Dear Mr. 100, Thanks for contributing so much to the school and Drake Athletics as a whole. You truly have lived The Bulldog Way.  -Drake Men's Cross Country/Track & Field  

Message from Christopher Evans, Student

Happy birthday Mr. Morrison.  –Christopher Evans, Current Student

Message from Sherry Wilkinson, ED’68, GR’75
What a wonderful milestone! I hope you have a fabulous 100th birthday🎂. I remember all of the fun we had on the basketball trips to Hawaii. 🏀   -Sherry Wilkinson, ED’68, GR’75

Message from Jason Nunemaker

Paul, congratulations on reaching the century mark! Thank you for everything you've done to support the Drake family. You've been an inspiration for countless Bulldogs over the years, and I have no doubt that you'll continue to inspire us for many years to come.  -Jason Nunemaker, Assistant Director of Digital Communications

Message from Erica Axiotis, GR’06

Happy 100th Birthday Mr. Drake! Proud to say I share July 25th with you as a birthday. You are an inspiration and a treasure to Drake University. Enjoy your celebration!  -Erica Axiotis, GR’06

Message from Bridie Nixon

Happy birthday! Thank you for adding so much to our community. Enjoy your special day!  -Bridie Nixon, Laboratory Assistant, Biology


Message from Isaiah Kent-Schneider, Student

Your knowledge of and passion for Drake and its athletic department is such an amazing gift to all those who have attended Drake during your time here. It has been amazing to get to watch you continue to work and live your life with such a passion! Here’s to many more birthdays!  -Isaiah Kent-Schneider, Current Student

Message from Sammy Nielsen, AS’17
Happy Birthday, Paul!! Thank you for all you've done to make Drake the place it is!  -Sammy Nielsen, AS’17

Message from Michael Cooper, Student

Mr. Paul Morrison, thank you for being a blessing unto our generation by planting seeds of life sacrifices, commitment, and greatness into Drake Athletics, faculty, and staff. You have poured much virtue into the culture and standards of Drake University as a whole. I am inspired by your spirit of servanthood and humility. You are very strong.  And much congratulations unto you for The Big 100! Woohoo! My thoughts and prayers go out to you my friend. Much love from Mikey! And much love from above.   -Michael Cooper, Current Student

Message from Bailee Cofer, Student

Happy Birthday Mr. Drake! What a life worth celebrating, thank you for all you have contributed to my university! I am beyond proud to call myself a Bulldog!  -Bailee Cofer, Current Student

Mya Mertz, Student

Wishing you a very happy birthday! Thank you for everything you do and have done for this incredible University. Hope you have the best day ever!  -Mya Mertz, Current Student

Message from Paige Aspinwall, Student

Happy Birthday, Paul!  -Paige Aspinwall, Current Student

Message from Susan Stocum, JO’92

Happy birthday to the truest, bluest Bulldog we ever did meet. Drake is blessed to have you on our team!  -Susan Stocum, JO’92

Message from Drew Gulley, AS’05

Hi, Paul! A bit over 17 years ago, you met with a young whippersnapper (me) to chat about some Drake history. I wanted to know a bit more about Greek letter societies and you turned out to be just the person to talk to - even followed up with additional notes and thoughts. Thank you for your generous spirit and your love of our alma mater. Sending wishes for a wonderful birthday!  -Drew Gulley, AS’05

Message from Cait Hicok, AS’10

Happy 100th Paul! Your dedication to and passion for Drake are an inspiration to me and countless others. Thanks for all your contributions!  -Cait Hicok, AS '10, Denver RAB Co-Chair


Message from Amanda Charpentier, BN'13, GR'13

Hi Paul! Happiest of Birthdays to you! In my time as Drake, I worked in the mail room and loved it when you stopped in to grab the mail! You are a true inspiration and the absolute epitome of what it means to be a Bulldog through and through. Congratulations on your 100th year! You are a Drake treasure! -Amanda Charpentier, BN'13, GR'13


Message from Aaron Chier, Student
Thanks for all of your continuous support!! Happy 100th! -Aaron Chier, Current Student


Message from Margo Burnard, Student
Happy Birthday!!! -Margo Burnard, Current Student


Message from Jeff Seaman, BN'03

Paul, happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all that you have been and done for Drake over the years. It's been a while since I have been around the field house but I look forward to seeing you in the coming months on my visits to campus. -Jeff Seaman, BN'03

Message from Robert Parker, FA'75
Paul, have a Happy 100th Birthday. That's a prideful accomplishment. You and I share pride in our Drake University roots. You're long view of Drake, America and Mankind is a precious resource. Thank you for being a positive beacon for so many. -Robert Parker, FA'75


Message from Sally Holmberg, ED'63, GR'69, GR'83, GR'94
Your birthday is one of many milestones you have reached in your lifetime. Thank you for all you have done to impact so many students, alumni, faculty and community members through the years. Your loyalty and dedication to our university is appreciated. Happy Birthday Paul.
-Sally Holmberg,
ED'63, GR'69, GR'83, GR'94


Message from Rachel Boon, ED'99, GR'02

Happy 100th Paul! You are a treasure and I hope your day is special! Go Bulldogs! -Rachel Boon, ED'99, GR'02

Message from Lauren Hong, AS'07
Happy Birthday, Paul! Enjoy the BIG 100!! Thank you for all that you do for Drake University.  -Lauren Hong, AS'07


Message from Nick Valdez

Happy Birthday, Paul. I wish you the best and hope that your 100th is full new adventures. Cheers to the one and only, Mr. Drake!  -Nick Valdez, MPA'14, Neighborhood & Community Relations Manager

Message from Sandy Hatfield Clubb
Paul, there are no words to describe what you mean to Drake University, Drake Athletics, and me. Saying Happy Birthday doesn't quite seem like enough to celebrate your 100th birthday, so I will shout it–HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. DRAKE!! You are simply the BEST! Thank you for your love affair with Drake. It is a better place because of YOU!!  -Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Athletic Director


Message from Anna Wernimont
Happy 100th birthday to you, Paul! I hope you are showered with nothing short of the joy and appreciation you deserve. Thank you for being such an example of what it means to stay true to what you believe in through and through.  -Anna Wernimont, Coordinator of Annual Giving


Message from Amelia Klatt, PH'13

Paul, we are all so lucky to have such a great, positive role model to look up to here at Drake! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do to make the University a great place. Happy, Happy 100th Birthday, Paul!  -Amelia Klatt, PH'13; Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Message from Kim Jones

Happy 100th! In every way, you exemplify the BEST of Drake. It's a blessing to know you and witness your remarkable legacy here at Drake. Enjoy!  -Kim Jones, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 

Message from Rachelle Setsodi

Happy Birthday! I have always enjoyed your smile, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Your loyalty and dedication to Drake is truly remarkable and unmatched. Many wishes to you!  -Rachelle Setsodi, Assistant Director of Admission

Message from Kourtney Kirkpatrick

Happy birthday, Paul! May your 100th year be the best yet! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Drake. Your kindness and generosity do not go unnoticed. -Kourtney Kirkpatrick, Assistant Director of University Advancement

Message from Ernie Dippel, BN'55

Happy 100th Paul...We met when you were 34 and I was 18! It's been a great ride! -Ernie Dippel, BN'55


Message from Pam Pepper, GR'09

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! You are such a kind and sweet man. Drake has been fortunate to have you for all these years! Here's to 100 more! -Pam Pepper, GR'09; Assistant Vice President of University Advancement


Message from Andy Verlengia, JO'02

Happy 100th Birthday! You are truly Mr. Drake and the University is forever indebted to the work you have done here and the incredible relationships you have formed with our alumni. I cannot even recount the number of times your name has come up while traveling the country meeting with our alumni. You are truly an icon and embody everything that is wonderful and special about the Drake community!  -Andy Verlengia, JO'02, Director of Alumni Relations


Message from Dave Remund, JO'91, GR'08

Paul, we are all so grateful for all that you have done – and continue to do – for Drake University. Have a great time celebrating your 100th birthday!  -Dave Remund, JO'91, GR'08; Director of University Communications


Message from Jill Brimeyer
Happy 100th, Paul! Every time I see you in the hall at the Bell Center, it's like rubbing elbows with a legend. Thank you for your tireless Bulldog spirit, and for all you've contributed to Drake over these many years. Drake loves you back!  
-Jill Brimeyer, Assistant Director of Campus Relations


Message from Alyssa Young, GR'15
Happy 100th Birthday, Paul! Thank you for your decades of service and dedication to Drake University!  

-Alyssa Young, GR'15, Director of Campus Relations


Message from Sara Sommerlot

Happy 100th, Mr. Drake! - Sara Sommerlot, University Advancement Budget Manager


Message from Justice Simpson

Paul, I hope you have a fabulous birthday. I always enjoy seeing you in the community and cheering for Drake no matter what the event. Thank you for leading by example and I hope you celebrate, enjoy your day and have a very happy birthday!  

-Justice Simpson, Digital Content Specialist


Message from Aaron Jaco; AS'07, JO'07, GR'14

Paul, thank you for sharing your expertise, kindness, and generosity with Drake for all of these years. Your smile is always uplifting and your presence at every major Drake event is a reassuring reminder of the health and longevity of the university. I personally find you to be a role model for your ongoing demonstration of loyalty to Drake, at a time when nobody seems to stay in one place anymore. You are truly an inspiration, and although you have been recognized with a section of road in your honor (Paul F. Morrison Way), a vintage clothing line, and a "Year of the Fan," those small tokens of distinction do not go nearly far enough to show our thanks. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.  

-Aaron Jaco, AS'07, JO'07, GR'14; Assistant Director of Public Relations


Message from Cathy Williams

Happy 100th Birthday Paul!  You are an inspiration to us all and show us what an impact we can have on Drake students' lives.  Cheers to you on this special day!  -Cathy Williams, Special Events Manager


Message from Meredith Ponder
Thank you for leading by example and showing the community what a true Drake Bulldog looks like. Your passion for the university is inspiring! Wishing you a wonderful birthday – you've earned it!  -Meredith Ponder, Digital Communications Specialist 


Message from Les Wheeler
I worked at Drake for 43 years and there is no one I have respected more.  You are the best! Happy birthday! Keep on keepin' on!  
-Les Wheeler, Former Drake Faculty/Staff Member


Message from Bill and Linda Weidmaier, BN'73
Wishing you a very happy 100th birthday, Paul! You are a Drake institution with a wealth of Bulldog information! Enjoy your big day!  
-Bill and Linda Weidmaier, BN'73, Florida


Message from Megan Franklin
Happy Birthday to my favorite100-year-old Bulldog! Your gifts of your time, talent, and treasure to Drake have served hundreds of student-athletes. The connections you maintain with Alumni is one to be admired. We honor your legacy. Thank you!  
-Megan Franklin, Associate Athletic Director 


Message from Patrick Tomka
Happy birthday, Paul!  -Patrick Tomka; Associate Athletic Director, Development 


Message from Emily Furlow, Senior in CBPA
Happy birthday, Paul! Always happy to see you come through the Bell Center when I'm working the front desk!  -Emily Furlow, Current Student 


Message from John Smith, AS'92, GR'00

Paul, The title, “Mr. Drake” will forever be owned by you.  Thank you for your loyalty, dedication, and commitment to all within the Drake community.  Your actions provide the ideal example for all of us to follow.  Thank you for being a truly beautiful, positive influence on us all. Happy Birthday!  -John Smith, AS'92, GR'00; Vice President of University Advancement

Message from Larry Fish, JO'66

Hope you are doing well, Paul.  Thank you for all your kindness to me during my Drake years. Wishing you a warm and happy birthday, go Bulldogs!  -Larry Fish, JO'66

Message from Niki Smith, JO'08, GR'16

Thank you for the legacy you have left at Drake University, Paul! Congratulations on your wonderful milestone birthday!  
-Niki Smith, JO'08, GR'16; Assistant Director of Public Relations

Message from Diane Caldback, ED'72

Paul Morrison is a Drake icon. Quite simply, no one has done more for Drake athletics or knows more about our history than Paul.  As a university employee who helps organize reunions, I love to see former Drake athletes return to campus and pay homage to Paul.  Here’s what it always looks like:  They go up to Paul and reintroduce themselves. They then start smiling and nodding their heads in appreciation as Paul recites their stats, honors, and achievements! They walk away shaking their heads in astonishment at his memory. This wonderful man never ceases to amaze! Happy 100th birthday, Mr. Drake.  –Diane Caldbeck, ED'72, Associate Vice President of Development

Message from Brandi Miller, BN'09, GR'09

Many blessings to you on your 100th birthday and always Paul. Thank you for all that you have given over the years to the Drake community.  May the joy you have given be returned to you 100 times more.  
–Brandi Miller, BN'09, GR'09; Assistant Director of New Student Programs

Message from Carolyn Hill, ED'80

My husband, Robb, and I are both Drake graduates and four-year letter winners, so we’ve known Paul since we went to school here. Paul brings a wealth of history and stories to the table in regard to all sports at Drake. It’s amazing how sharp he is with names of former athletes and related tidbits of personal information, even to this day. One of the legacies he’s left is his idea to compile a file folder for every Drake letter winner. In it, he would cut out articles and photos from his or her collegiate career and following that include career accomplishments and any correspondence he had with them over the years. Every year we have requests for copies of a former letter winner’s file, which are stored in numerous file cabinets in our archive, and the recipients are always amazed and thankful to receive that personal bit of history. I doubt there is another university with a comparable collection of individual history like we have in that room. I wish him the happiest of birthdays!  -Carolyn Hill, ED’80, Assistant Athletic Director & Relays Operations Manager