University Advancement

First-Year Welcome Kits

The form to order these kits is currently closed. Check back later to order a package for your Bulldog!
Your son or daughter will soon be arriving at Drake University to begin his/her college career. This year your student can receive packages loaded with tasty treats and useful tools at the most important times during the fall semester. Along with the care package, we will also give them a note personalized by you. 

We offer the following packages:

The Bulldog Greeting Plan: contains the White Pack, the Blue Tote, and the Halloween Howler at a discounted price. This option features all three packages listed below, each timed perfectly.

The White Pack: a fun assortment of high energy snacks packed into a reusable plastic storage container. This welcome kit is ready for pick up on the first day of classes.
Microwave popcorn Oreos  M&Ms Starburst 
Twizzlers Laffy Taffy  Gardettos  Snickers Bar 

The Blue Tote: an assortment of healthy treats tucked inside a reusable Drake blue canvas tote. This welcome kit is ready for pick up on the first day of classes.
Bottle orange juice Chex Mix  Nature Valley Granola Bar 
Bottle vitamin water Raisins Clif Bar 
Wheat Thins Fruit cup Trail mix 
Dried fruit     

The Halloween Howler: a snack bag filled with treats at Halloween time – which also happens to be mid-terms. This kit is delivered to your student. 
Caramel corn  Reese's Pieces Rice Krispy Treats Snickers bars 
M&Ms Apple juice Milky Way Candy corn 
Cocoa Starburst Suckers  

All proceeds from this program will be used to help fund programs and services sponsored by Student Alumni Association.