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The RaySociety is a membership organization, open to all persons interested in lifelong learning. Learn more about becoming a RaySociety Member by clicking the link below.

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RaySociety 2021 Spring Catalog


Spring 2021 Catalog

The RaySociety provides opportunities for intellectual, social, and cultural stimulation and growth. Browse the Spring 2021 Course Catalog.

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The RaySociety is led by members of the Drake Campus and community.

RaySociety Leadership

Announcement: Spring Course Registrations will open Wednesday, January 6, at 9 a.m.

Mission Statement

We are a volunteer-supported program of Drake University open to all persons who seek opportunities for lifelong learning. We offer an environment of sharing and fellowship that provides opportunities for intellectual, social, and cultural stimulation and growth.

RaySociety Featured Course


Pandemics, the Invisible Foe: How They Start and the Public Health Response  


What is the history of global pandemics? What factors contibute to starting a pandemic? What is the relationship between animal-borne infections and human infections that can cause a pandemic? How do public health and health care systems respond to pandemics? Join Dr. Kyoungjin Yoon, Dr. Yogesh Shah and Dr. Patricia Quinlisk for this featured course. 


Wednesdays, February 10, 17, 24, 2-3:30 p.m.
Virtual, via Zoom


I love being a RaySociety member because...

"The RaySociety is a community treasure. I love the breadth of classes offered, the amazingly talented instructors who offer their expertise, and the ways it connects me to vital issues and perspectives."

—Linda Appelgate, BN'90 GR'90

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Tracy Beck

RaySociety Manager
(515) 271-1847

Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper

Program Coordinator
(515) 271-3452

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