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Net Community - Alumni Book Publication 7/12/2017  
Jessica Ernst (AS 2006) authored the book "So You Want to Save the World: A Guide to Pursuing a Career in International Development" (available on Amazon). Each chapter is a thought-provoking question for the reader to answer, with a detailed discussion on options, criteria, and personal trade-offs, alongside compelling examples from Jessica and other development professionals.
Net Community - Alumni Achievements 7/18/2017  
Elizabeth "Buffy" Higgins-Beard now leads The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award USA as the CEO. The Award, the leading youth achievement in the world is currently running in 144 countries and territories and involves over 1 million young people annually.
Net Community - Wedding 7/18/2017  
Elizabeth "Buffy" Higgins-Beard Class of 1998 was married to Gregory Scott Beard September 17, 2016.
Net Community - Alumni Achievements 7/14/2017  
Ginger Nedblake (1996) was promoted to Director of Client Experience at Cerner Corporation
Net Community - Alumni Book Publication 7/6/2017  
Rik Nemanick's (BSBA 1991) first book, The Mentor's Way, was published in 2017 by Routledge.