Alumni and Development

Legacy Program

Drake University treasures its "baby Bulldogs." The Drake University Legacy Program celebrates the children of Drake University graduates as a way to not only congratulate parents on the addition to their families, but also to congratulate children—perhaps future Bulldogs themselves—on the major education milestones they will soon embark upon.

The Drake University Legacy Award is a way we celebrate the students who share the experience of a Drake education with a member of their families. The Legacy Award—offered to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Drake graduates—provides $1,500 a year to attend Drake, applied to the cost of tuition at Drake. The total award over four years is $6,000. The award is not based on financial need and is provided in addition to other awards your future Bulldog may receive. That's one of the many things your family has to look forward to in the years ahead!

If you have any questions about the Legacy Program, please contact Liz Tesar at 515-271-3378 or by email.