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Net Community - Alumni Achievements 8/3/2016  
Dr. Kristi L. Santi is the Vice President for the Texas Chapter of the Council for Learning Disabilities.
Net Community - Alumni Birth/Adoption 7/6/2016  
John Perney, JO'94, and Jill, Portage, Michigan, a son, William John, on February 4, 2016.
Net Community - Alumni Employment 6/4/2016  
Terri Seibert Holmgren (Ed '72, MSE '95) after retiring from Des Moines Public Schools, has taken a position as Adjunct Instructor at Grandview University in Des Moines.
Net Community - Alumni Birth/Adoption 6/2/2016  
Daughter, Scarlett, born July, 2015.
Net Community - Alumni Birth/Adoption 5/15/2016  
Kimberly Olmsted Bellew - FA '92. Birth Jan 15 2016 - twin boys Douglas and Logan