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Net Community - Alumni Birth/Adoption 4/22/2016  
Daughter Elizabeth Lynn Bungert, born 3/23/16
Net Community - Alumni Achievements 6/26/2015  
Steve Knudson, LW’96, Madison, Wisconsin, has been reappointed Administrator of the Wisconsin Department of Administration Division of Gaming.
Net Community - Alumni Achievements 4/18/2016  
Heather (Freise) Tredup (J91) was named Partner at Aon Hewitt, a leading provider of human capital and management consulting services.
Net Community - Alumni Book Publication 4/18/2016  
Heather (Freise) Tredup (J91) published Virtual: A Guide to Telecommuting, featuring the truth about being a teleworker – the good, the bad, and the compromises you’ll need to make. Paperback and e-book editions available through Amazon.
Other Note 2/5/2016  
Dale Jones (ED 74) retired in 2015 after 41 years in the newspaper business, the last 26 as night sports editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.