Drake University Beautiful Bulldog Contest 2016

38th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest

The Beautiful Bulldog Contest, a Drake Relays tradition now in its 38th year, was the first-of-its-kind in the nation and continues to be a model for imitators from several states. The winner, who receives top honors as well as a crown and cape, appears before his or her royal subjects of 16,000 fans at the Drake Relays to be officially honored as the Relays mascot.

In its three decades of existence, the contest has changed little. Some of the awards have remained constant like Most Beautiful Bulldog, and Congeniality, while others have been modified over the years. Another constant has been the winner’s duties, which ask that the winning Bulldog participate in Drake Relays activities throughout the week. The past few years have seen so many entries that contestants are selected by lottery from a pool of more than 100 Beautiful Bulldog hopefuls.

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Save these dates:
march 20, public lottery at 6 pm in knapp center lobby
april 23, 38th annual beautiful bulldog contest in knapp center


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The following awards will be given out to the most deserving Bulldogs:
Drake Spirit

Family Theme

Best Dressed


Rescue Dog Recognition
Porterhouse People's Choice
Second Runner-Up
First Runner-Up

Most Beautiful Bulldog


If you have any questions about the Beautiful Bulldog Contest, or event registration, please contact Niki Smith at (515-271-2179 or niki.smith@drake.edu