Contest Rules

Our judges will be looking for the Most Beautiful Bulldog to become the official mascot of the 2024 Drake Relays. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and American Kennel Club rules do not apply. Proud ancestry and impeccable breeding are not the main criteria in this unique event. The judges will choose a Bulldog who exemplifies the image of Drake University’s legendary sports symbol, the Bulldog. We do ask that all contestants follow these contest rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for all contestants and spectators.

  • Owners must be leashed to their bulldog contestants at all times during the judging and pageant activity.

  • You must be of age 18 or older to accompany your contestant on the floor in the contest.

  • No spiked collars or large signs allowed in contestant area. (However, signs are encouraged in the audience).

  • Contestant costumes are permitted and encouraged to catch the judges’ attention, but the Bulldog must be comfortable in their costume. If our veterinarians or staff deem the costume to be restricting, the Bulldog may be removed from the contest.

  • Owners are responsible for their dog’s comfort during the contest. The contest will provide water and bowls, but please bring any necessary snacks, blankets or beds for warmth and comfort.

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog in a timely manner. There will be a crew on staff to assist and provide any materials you may need. There is a grassy area outside of the contest where your animal can relieve themselves.

  • Bulldogs may be removed from the contest and/or the facility if deemed by the organizers to exhibit aggressive or dangerous behavior, or if the on-site veterinarian deems removal in the best interest of an individual bulldog. If owners do not adhere to the advice of the veterinarian, they and their contestant will be disqualified.

  • The winner of the 2024 Beautiful Bulldog Contest must attend the Drake Relays on Friday or Saturday, April 26 & 27, and greet their adoring fans.

  • The winner must also attend the 2025 Beautiful Bulldog Contest to pass on the crown.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at beautifulbulldog@ Some answers to frequently asked questions can also be found at

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