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Celebration of Scholarships

The scholarship highlighted at the 2013 luncheon was the Gartner Family Scholarship which was created by Barbara and Michael Gartner and their family in 2010. Guests at the event had the opportunity to hear from their son, Mike Gartner, who spoke on behalf of his family.

The Gartner Family Scholarship provides assistance to students who otherwise might not be able to remain at Drake. There are ten Gartner Scholars this year, including Zach Clement, a junior accounting and finance major. Zach spoke at the luncheon and shared how meaningful it was to be named a Gartner Scholar.

"As a recipient of this scholarship, I am able to concentrate on academics, while working a part-time job that relates to my field of study at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage," says Clement. "This scholarship has inspired me to pay it forward. It is my desire to help impact future students at Drake, just as the Gartner family has helped me in achieving my personal goals."

Celebration of Scholarships

Above: Mike Gartner sits with his scholars and Major Gift Officer Stephanie Lavia at the Scholarship Luncheon in November 2013.

Sixth Annual Scholarship Luncheon
Friday, November 14, 2014
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Reading Room, Cowles Library
Drake University Campus


At every luncheon, numerous scholarships are celebrated—both the people who created them and the student who receive them. Scholarship donors make an incredible difference in the lives of Drake students to help them get their start in the world.

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